Friday, May 8, 2020

Work Wear Revamp

Anyone else in need of a work wear revamp?! One thing I took for granted before this quarantine was creating fun outfits and just dressing up in general. I started watching Younger and was getting SO jealous of all of their cute outfits and that they had reasons to dress up. So, once I had a set date to return to work, I knew my closet needed a work wear revamp.

The job that I was at before the Q was very casual. I got into a rut of jeans/leggings and basic sweaters and t-shirts. Well, if you saw my most recent Facebook post, I'm starting a new position with a real estate firm, super casual isn't going to pass anymore! So, I took inventory of my closet and made note of items I needed to add for this work wear revamp. Lucky for me so many places are having great sales right now.

So, I'm sharing some pieces that I snagged as well as some that I have my eye on! Who knows, maybe once I start work I'll even share how I styled everything.(throwback to OG blog days)

Also, I am loving the midi skirt trend. If you're short like me, most of them are so easy to cut on your own! I bought one from Target and cut off a few inches and you would never know!

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