Friday, August 9, 2019

The Best Way To Pack

I love packing. I also love to pack efficiently, it can get out of hand really fast! I typically start packing about a week out from any trip. Forever I have wanted to do a post about packing so I decided why not now! So, I am going to walk you through process of how I pack for a trip. It is not long and if you love creating outfits, it is actually really fun! I seriously think I have the best way to pack!

The Breakdown

1. Make a list
Grab your morning cup of coffee, get comfy, and make a list! I keep my list very basic, and you'll see why. Instead of breaking my list down by how many shirts, how many pants, etc. I just write down how many outfits I will need. I also create a "to buy" list. This way if there is anything I need to buy for the trip I can remember when I start packing.

2. Choose outfits
So before I officially pack, I choose my outfits for the trip I am going on. You will see later that it helps with packing. So, I try on outfits and take a picture on my phone of each outfit I like. I'll typically create more outfits than I need just so I can have options. If I am not packing right away I will hang everything up and keep the clothes together in my closet so I don't have to search once it's time to pack.

3. Create an album
Once I have all of my pictures I create an album on my phone so these outfits are easy to find.

4. Start packing
So, I take all of my clothes that I have set aside and start packing. I go back to my phone and start packing with outfit one, I go through all my outfits to make sure everything is packed. Making sure you have packed everything is super easy because you just go through your outfits and make sure every piece for each outfit is in your bag.

I love packing this way because I get to see all of the outfits I am bringing and it makes checking off items on your list so easy! Plus, when I'm on vacation I spend zero time picking out an outfit, I just go to my phone and chose the outfit I want to wear that day!

This is how I pack for every trip but I will have a more specific post on what I packed for Alaska once I get back. I have not been able to find much about what to bring to Alaska so I am pack some of everything. I want to be confident in the things that are actually worth pack so that post will be coming once we get back!

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