Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Czech Republic: Prague

Back in August 2018 I applied for a study abroad trip. This was HIGHLY unlike me. I knew no one going on this trip but decided to take the chance and go! During the week long trip I was living my best life visiting Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich. I literally still can't believe I got to visit all of these cities. Today I am going to recap Prague.

So let's start with the plane rides! I think our total travel time there was 16 hours. I was most nervous about the flight because this was my first time flying in almost 8 years! The flight from Jax to Atlanta was not the best time. It was so bumpy, I'm pretty sure the seatbelt light never even turned off (which doesn't say too much honestly, it's only a 45 min flight). However, the flight to Amsterdam was so much better! I was pretty upset because I was one of the few people separated from our group on the plane BUT I ended up getting a window seat in a row where the middle seat was empty! I ate dinner, took a dramamine, and slept pretty much the whole way there! We landed in Amsterdam around 4/5 AM and then had one last plane ride to Prague.

Our first day in Prague was a busy one but once we got to the hotel we did have a few hours to ourselves. We showered, got ready for the day, then went exploring. We started walking from our hotel and within two minutes we were in Prague's Old Town Square. I was not expecting this so I was (as corny as it sounds) amazed. Prague is charming and exactly what I envisioned Europe to be like.

We then met with our tour guide, exchanged our money, and went off to lunch. Our first meal was an authentic Czech meal. Honestly, it was not my favorite type of food. We then explored the underground and went to a spot to see some pretty amazing views of the city. The architecture in Prague is truly amazing. For a little history lesson, Prague was Hitler's favorite city. He knew that during the second World War if he sent his troops into Prague it would be attacked and destroyed, so he left the city alone. Because of this, Prague avoided major damages. So, what you are seeing in Prague has truly been there for thousands of years. This day was also St. Patricks day and lucky for us right across from our hotel there was an Irish Pub. It was insane and so much fun! They had a live band and played songs like Sweet Home Alabama and Come On Eileen.

We started day two by watching the astronomical clock and then went to Charles Bridge. We also got to see a 9/11 memorial under the bridge which was truly incredible. We then went to the Prague castle and church. This was one of my favorite churches we saw on the trip. It combined three styles: medieval, gothic, and renaissance. (At least I think those are the 3!) For lunch we went on a boat cruised and I truly started living my best life! On the cruise our group (not like the whole group, just the main group I spent time with on the trip) discovered we all like Champagne. So we did what any Champagne lovers would do and bought a bottle of Champagne on the boat to pop during lunch! And because we were in Prague, it was only like $20! After the boat cruise we explored a little and went shopping. After shopping we made plans to do a beer bike tour that evening. The bike was seriously such a fun experience! We found out you could add Champagne so of course we did and spent the evening being the talk of the town while we peddled around the city, sang at the top of our lungs, and had a blast. 

Our third and final day in Prague we went outside of the city to a crystal factory and toured the Pilsner Brewery. We we're then back in the city for our final night. I had the best carbonara in my entire life before trying Prague's famous street pastry, Trdelnik. It was then off to pack up and get some rest to get ready for our drive to Vienna the next morning.

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