Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Austria Part I: Vienna

In Austria we spent most of our time in Vienna. For one day we did visit Salzburg. We'll start with Vienna.

We drove from Prague to Vienna in a bus and I honestly was really excited about this drive! I slept some and then got to look out at the Austrian Countryside. The highlight was stopping at a gas station! (lol!) I love gas stations anyways but it was so cool to go into one and see all of the products they have! My favorite pick was these little cold Starbucks coffees that came with straws.

We then got into Vienna, settled into our hotel, and then hoped on the subway and off to Stephansplatz! The way that we came up from the Subway was absolutely incredible and something I will never forget. There is a video clip below; I am a little scared of escalators so it kind of cuts off at the end.

We were off to a traditional Viennese lunch of schnitzel and potato salad. I did not really care for Czech food but I could eat schnitzel allll day! So so good! We then walked around Vienna with our guide. This had to be the coldest day, I was walking around with my face completely covered! When we got free time a group of us went to the Library and it was incredible. We we're then off to Naschmarkt, a market full of restaurants and shops, for dinner. We ate at a restaurant that was actually 3 restaurants combined so it was perfect for everyone. I wish I had more time to spend here. I did not get to explore as many of the shops that I wanted.

Day 2 in Vienna was a full day but incredibly fun and probably one of my favorite days! First I would be remiss if I did not tell you guys about the DELICIOUS hotel breakfast. Every morning at this hotel was one of those "living my best life" moments. The breakfast was full of so many good breads, butter & jam, cold cuts, and lattes. I LOVE bread and being able to eat it every morning was the best. Absolutely the best. Okay, enough about that!

After our delicious breakfast we were off to the United Nations. This day we had to dress business casual. I felt so European walking around with my black booties and camel trench coat! After the United Nations we were off to tour the flagship Swarovski storein Vienna. I was WAITING for this moment all trip and it was everything I thought it would be. The store was gorgeous and so was the jewelry. Some of the pieces were styles you could only get at that store! I left with just one ring... and then went back the next day for 2 more, but we'll cover that later. We were then off to Naschmarkt again for lunch, this time I opted for more schnitzel. After lunch we took a bus through the Ringstrasse and out to the Austrian Woods. (Disclaimer: the term "Austrian Woods" could have been completely made up by me, but I swear our tour guide used this word!) We were driving to the Heilegenkreutz Abbey and while most people let the drive serve as nap time, I couldn't help but look at the pretty scenery. I wish I had more time because there had to be an amazing winery somewhere in these "Austrian Woods". After the tour we headed back into Vienna for a tour of the Schnapps museum. Which was basically a Schnapps tasting event, but I'm not complaining.

It was then back to the hotel and time to make plans for the night. Like the breakfast I would be REMISS if I let this recap go by and not tell you about the place we ate dinner, Vapiano. This was like a Moe's only for Italian food and on steroids. There were at least 3 stations: pasta, pizza, salad, and you chose one of those stations and got to create your own meal. It was all around a really cool experience and really good food. Apparently there is one in NYC so when we are there in October (spoiler alert) we will be going there for dinner.

Okay now that I spent a whole paragraph talking about one restaurant, the rest of the night we went to ride one of the oldest wooden ferris wheels in Prater and came back to the hotel to hang out at the bar.

As you can tell, I really loved Vienna and since Day 2 was so long, I decided to split this post into two. Read about my last two day in Austria and how I ended up stuck in Munich here: Austria Part II

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