Wednesday, August 7, 2019

An Update

On August 2nd I graduated from the University of North Florida with my bachelors in marketing. I felt it was only fitting getting back into blogging at this point in my life. I started my blog during my first year of college, so it has come full circle. I stopped blogging right when my blog started growing, so if I want to get to that point again it is definitely going to take some work, but I think this time I might keep this space more personal. I'll still share fashion and beauty because I love talking about that, but I also want to share stories. I want this to be like a diary. Only, online and for everyone to read.

Here are a few more updates:

I am currently working part time in the marketing department of a law firm. I am still job hunting for a full time job and let me tell you, it is not fun! I know my time will come but it is so hard to think that way! This is another reason I wanted to start blogging again. I can share my experience and also practice some marketing skills.

If you have been reading for some time you might remember our german shepherd, Pilot. After trying so many different things, we had to give her to a new home. She is currently in Canada working with a police department. Long story short, if we had to get rid of Pilot, we we're not just going to give her to another home. So, we called our local sheriffs office to see if they had any use for her. The lead trainer came to meet her and actually offered to help us train her so we could keep her. We took the offer and she did well with him. But, when she was around Austin and any dog came near him, she lost her mind. I truly believe that Pilot picked up on Austin's cystic fibrosis and knew he was sick. After the training didn't work the lead trainer kept her until she got the "job" in Canada. 

At the beginning of this year I told myself I was going to make this a year of travel, I shared this with no one but myself and I have actually made this come true! Over spring break I traveled to Austria and the Czech Republic and today we are on our way to Alaska! So, we are probably in a plane or airport while you are reading this. 

Thank you for reading this post along with the others I have posted today! More content is sure to come although I am not creating a consistent schedule just now. On Friday I have a post going up covering how I pack. Once I am back from Alaska I am going to write a post on what to pack for Alaska. I have had the hardest time finding a post like that!

For real time updates on our Alaska trip, follow me on Instagram @raegancg

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