Monday, August 19, 2019

How To Not Go Crazy While Job Hunting

In 100% honesty, job hunting is no fun. Seriously, job hunting is a full time job in and of itself. But, it comes with the territory and it is something I know I'll make it through. When I'm looking for jobs and feeling frustrated I just try to remember that this is just a season, and in time, I'll find a job.
Friday, August 9, 2019

The Best Way To Pack

I love packing. I also love to pack efficiently, it can get out of hand really fast! I typically start packing about a week out from any trip. Forever I have wanted to do a post about packing so I decided why not now! So, I am going to walk you through process of how I pack for a trip. It is not long and if you love creating outfits, it is actual…
Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Austria Part II and 24 Hours in Munich

Here we are day three in Vienna. I started this morning by walking to the closest Starbucks with my friend. It was in a mall and across from the Starbucks was a Dunkin'. These were the only two US chains I tried while we were over there. Both tasted very similar to products here.
After coffee and breakfast we headed to the Schonbrunn Palace. …

Austria Part I: Vienna

In Austria we spent most of our time in Vienna. For one day we did visit Salzburg. We'll start with Vienna.

We drove from Prague to Vienna in a bus and I honestly was really excited about this drive! I slept some and then got to look out at the Austrian Countryside. The highlight was stopping at a gas station! (lol!) I love gas stations anyway…

Czech Republic: Prague

Back in August 2018 I applied for a study abroad trip. This was HIGHLY unlike me. I knew no one going on this trip but decided to take the chance and go! During the week long trip I was living my best life visiting Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich. I literally still can't believe I got to visit all of these cities. Today I am going to reca…

An Update

On August 2nd I graduated from the University of North Florida with my bachelors in marketing. I felt it was only fitting getting back into blogging at this point in my life. I started my blog during my first year of college, so it has come full circle. I stopped blogging right when my blog started growing, so if I want to get to that point again…

Main Street Chic Relaunch

Hi, hello! I'm sure most of you reading this right now know me but if you do not, head to my About Me page to learn!
I'm sure most of you noticed that on my blog I went ghost. I stopped blogging because it just wasn't fun for me anymore.I was investing too much time in areas I shouldn't have *cough* Instagram *cough* and it just m…