Thursday, September 6, 2018

Make-Up I am Currently Loving + Life Update

As I am sure many of you have noticed it has been a long time since I have blogged. I could use the excuse that I have been to busy, but in all honestly I just haven't felt like it. Blogging for so long was so fun for me but sometimes it felt like a chore so I just stepped away. I started developing my boutique and my personal brand and started focusing less on promoting other brands that I love. My personal brand needed (and still needs) my attention but today I felt like posting on my blog! So, here we go with some beauty favorites!

Okay so for so long I was wearing Revlon ColorStay and it is a good foundation but it feels SO heavy. I finally got tired of it and was like ok, I'm going to find a good foundation and not be cheap about it! With this foundation I kind of found the best of both worlds. This foundation is full coverage, lightweight, moisturizing, and the best part? It is only $29! For a high end foundation that is not a bad price! Right now if you buy this foundation at Dillards you get a free gift with purchase!

I have probably talked about this mascara before because I have loved it for a while! I wanted to mention it because on Friday it is only $12.50 at Ulta. I think it is worth full price so it is for sure worth $12.50!

Back to my skin. I have been searching for a powder for so long that was light and not drying and I believe this is it! I've been using it for a week now and it has not looked cakey or felt cakey once! As far as I'm aware this powder is only sold at Walmart. If you have dry skin and want a good powder I recommend the trip!

This is a holly grail product for me. I will probably never use anything else because this is it. This setting spray really help my dry skin look good and feel good when I have makeup on.

Sometimes with makeup I try to take the cheap way out but it is crazy how spending a little bit more on products will make your skin feel so much better! Now I just need to take better care of my skin and I will be set!

In other news last week I found out that I got accepted to study abroad for spring break in 2019! I am beyond excited to travel and to learn more about business while doing so. For those who don't know I am finishing my degree in marketing so it will be so much fun to see how businesses work in other countries!

Thank you for reading this long overdue blog post! Maybe I'll want to blog more in the upcoming future but honestly who knows! I am always posting on my boutiques pages so be sure to follow along there! (Like my shameless plug?) I will link ALL my social medias below.



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