Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Long Time No Blog

Oh my goodness it has been almost TWO months since I've blogged! That's crazy! It has been such a nice break from blogging that I definitely needed. I was able to focus on finals for school and then once school was finished I started working like 50+ hours a week! Austin and I are also working on a HUGE project that is kind of something to do with the blog! It has been a lot of behind the scenes work but we should be able to announce it in a few weeks!

Other than that I feel like our lives have been short of exciting which is probably another reason I haven't been into blogging. But here are a few updates!

Austin and I celebrated 3 years together this past Tuesday! I really can't believe it! Its funny because when we started dating 3 years ago I didn't realize how young we were so its so fun looking back to see how much we've grown!

I ended my junior year of college in May and start my senior year of college in August. Praise God that this is my final year! I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to go to school but man, I hate it! I'm so ready to be working and not sitting in a classroom and studying for tests!

Pilot is doing very well! She's so big and I'm going to do a dedicate post on her soon!

In about a week we will be on our way to Atlanta and I'm so excited! Our schedule is pack but I am still looking for a few good restaurants so if you know any leave a comment below!

Hope you guys have a good week and I'll see you soon!

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