Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Go To Outfit + Go To Starbucks Drink

I've always loved Starbucks but for some reason these past few weeks I have been obsessed with Starbucks! It's not a fun addiction to have because it's not cheap but the coffee is just so good! I have two drinks that I go for every time so today I'm sharing them with you!

Ok so a couple weeks ago my absolute favorite Starbucks drink for the past year was the iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato. I always ask them to substitute the sugar free cinnamon syrup and it is just such a yummy sweet coffee drink! 

Lately I have been craving a new drink though and that is the sweet cream cold brew. I love this because it is sweet and creamy but not as sweet as the drink above. I love this drink but to save some calories and money I don't order it; instead I order an iced coffee with cream and sugar free vanilla. Sooo good and I crave it every single day!

I seriously started going every day and I knew I couldn't keep doing that so I bought a bottle of the sugar free vanilla syrup from Walmart and half and half cream to make my own ice coffee at home. It is not as good but it satisfies my craving! 

In other news this outfit is one of my go-tos! I wear it probably about once a week with a different type of shirt or shoe just to change it up. I love this because it's casual enough to wear it running errands and then I can dress it up for dinner!

If I'm going to school I usually trade the wedges for sandals and add a cardigan on top! I also will trade the striped top for a black tee!

I also wanted to mention that if you are not signed up for Groupon you should be! Every now and then they'll have $10 Starbucks gift cards for $5!


  1. Cutest outfit!! I love those shoes so much!

    Lauren Lindmark

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