Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ulta Makeup Haul | Product Review

1. There's good and there's bad to this product. The bad is that the lip mask did nothing for me. I read reviews that said the mask tingled so much it basically burned and it barely tingled when I wore it. The good is the lip scrub. This scrub was SO good I wish they sold it on its own! It makes your lips so soft! The plus is they do include more scrub than just one use, I just accidentally threw mine away.

2. & 5. These mascaras actually worked very well! There was some flaking but that did not start happening until I had the mascara on for 10+ hours. Unfortunately these do not compare to my favorite high end mascara but what they do compare to is other drug store mascaras and they are even like half the price of those! They give me the look I want for everyday makeup and now I'll only be using my high end mascara when I need super bold lashes!

3. I tried this out to replace another high end product and it is pretty good! This concealer works really well especially with the foundation! I wish they has a lighter shade, maybe they do and I just have to find it but that's my only complaint! When I don't want the super bright under eye, this is the product I reach for!

4. I am OBSESSED with this primer! It will frighten you when you first put it on because there is some glitter but I promise it doesn't transfer to your face. It just makes you look so glowy and pretty!

5. See #2

6. Ok, the best for last. This foundation is everything! I was SO nervous to try it because my skin is on the dry side but this foundation did not disappoint. The foundation is so lightweight but also very full coverage. It sits so well on the skin, it doesn't emphasize any lines and it lasts throughout the day. My tarte shapetape looks good with it, the concealer above looks good with it, it just looks good! I HIGHLY recommend this product. Like, run, don't walk and go get it!

I'm so excited that I finally found some affordable makeup that I can incorporate into my everyday routine. It's always easy to find cheap products but not so easy to find cheap products that compare to high end products!

On another note I hope you all have a great weekend! We are going to a sunrise service at our church (hopefully we can wake up!) and then over to a family lunch! Next Tuesday I'll be sharing my Easter dress! It was going to be a post this week but it literally just got added online! So next Tuesday it is! See you then!

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