Thursday, February 8, 2018

DIY Cheap and Easy Gifts For Valentine's Day | Everyone Included

First of all I wonder if you will be able to tell just how hungry (and craving sugar) I was putting together this blog post! Anyways if you're like me and stuck at what to get someone for Valentine's Day (and on a budget) these ideas are cheap and easy! (And full of sugar!)

So here are my favorite gift ideas for Valentine's Day via Pinterest!

I love a good date night in and this is the perfect gift to give! Make sure to sneak in some of your fave snacks too! ;)

These are so much fun to make and they can be wrapped individually to be given out as gifts to multiple people!

Okay these just look yum but honestly the vanilla yogurt sauce on top sound SO good anytime of year!

Put a few of your love one's favorite things in a cute basket and you are set! Thoughtful gifts are much better than expensive ones!

Perfect for the healthier people in this world! (Aka- not me)

These just look so good!

Another easy DIY that can be packaged for individual gifts!

This idea is perfect for any guy in your life! This is what I gave Austin last year and may or may not be planning to give him this year!

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