Thursday, February 22, 2018

Burt's Bees Goodness Glows | Foundation Review

Happy Thursday! I am so glad we are to this part of the week! I have two short days at work and then Sunday off! Plus, Austin and I are going out to dinner tomorrow and we're trying a new place!

So for today's post I wanted to do a review of a foundation I have been trying and that is this Burt's Bees Goodness Glows Foundation. This foundation is fairly new and is quite pricey for a drugstore foundation (I think I got it for $16 at Walmart). I originally got it to compare it to the CoverGirl Healthy Elxir that you guys know I RAVE about! So let's see if it compares!

This foundation comes with a pump and I love that about it! (I hate using my fingers for makeup) The one thing I don't like is that the foundation is not sealed so any one could be using it in the store before you buy it!

Shade Range
I was so excited because unlike my beloved covergirl this foundation had a shade light enough for me! Overall this foundation has 12 shades which isn't too bad for a drugstore foundation!

Ok this foundation claims to be full coverage but I disagree. The coverage is medium and maybe, mayyybe full coverage if you build it up. I don't hate it because I personally don't need full coverage. However if you were looking for full coverage and try this I think you would be a little disappointed. To get maximum coverage from this product I apply it with a brush. I'll link my favorite foundation brush below! You can also check it out here.

Let's talk about this GLOW! This foundation literally looks like you mixed a liquid highlight and a foundation together, it is very pretty! The glow is almost intimidating but once you powder it just looks so pretty! I have dry skin but I feel like even with my dry skin I won't be able to wear this foundation in the summer.

The foundation lasts pretty well throughout the day and looks really good with whatever blush/bronzer/concealer I use. It sets nicely and does not rub off! (Major plus for a foundation of this consistency)

Overall Thoughts
I really do like this foundation. If you do not need full coverage and want a dewy look it is perfect for you! So, how does it compare to the covergirl? It does not! The covergirl one is so much better, I don't know why I just love it and cannot compare it to this foundation. The covergirl is full coverage and the perfect mix of matte and dewy. The only way the Burt's Bees foundation can compare is with shade range, covergirl doesn't have one light enough for me!

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