Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Winter Whites

Sweater (Extremely Similar) // Booties (Exact and $38) // Jeans

Happy Tuesday! Did you guys watch the National Championship last night? I'm writing during halftime and I'm calling for Jalen to be pulled! I've said that Jalen is no good since LAST season!!! (I feel bad though bc he seems like a sweet kid, maybe he should just be a running back or something!)

Haha, anyways. Last week we were blessed with some actual winter weather in FL (yes, I LOVE cold weather) so I finally got to shoot some winter-y outfits. Although I was so mad our little bit of winter came last week because I was working non-stop so I didn't get to wear all my cute winter clothes!

I got this sweater for Christmas last year and since last winter was basically just Spring I only got to wear it once and Austin wouldn't take pictures of me in it b/c it was "too cold". Finally this year I was able to shoot it and although I cannot find the exact sweater there are SO many sweaters like this out right now!

Classes start back today and I'm actually really excited for this semester. I made the decision to take Tuesdays and Thursdays off from work to strictly focus on school (this has worked for me before) so this semester should flow much smoothly than last. When you try to juggle work and school all in one day it can get super stressful! I'm also excited because today is my best friends 21st birthday so we're headed out to dinner for her tonight!

Alright back to the game, hopefully we start with a new QB (a girl can dream)! 

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