Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pilot Update

If you're new around here you probably don't know that my boyfriend (Austin) and I got a German Shepard puppy at the beginning of December. When we first got her we posted a youtube video that you can watch here.

So now for a little update on the pup!

Pilot has gotten so big already and it's crazy to think that she won't even be this "little" forever! She loves to play and her favorite game is fetch. When we first got her she was a very picky eater. She did not like treats and she did not like her food! We got her turkey at the beginning because it was the only thing she liked as a treat!


Pilot is not fully potty trained but she is getting there! She goes to the door most of the time and only has a few accidents in the house now. And funny story, when Pilot has to pee and we don't realize, she usually pees in the bathtub!

We tried to kennel train her at first and it did not go so well. We think she had a little bit of separation  anxiety because she would just bark and cry, she even broke her cage! We know this is very normal but after a couple weeks it wasn't getting better and since she lives in an apartment we really did not want to leave her barking all day. We were talking to owners of a german shepard and they said they just leave her in their room so we decided to try it. We left her in for a few hours at first and really haven't looked backed. She hasn't really messed up anything and she has only had a few accidents. But, like I said, she literally goes to the bathtub to pee and we don't hate it! Sometimes she goes in her kennel and she doesn't really cry anymore!

We realized quick that this dog was stubborn and super smart, so we quickly put her in a training class. She is doing pretty well, her only problem is she gets really excited around people and other dogs. It's sad because her bark sounds so mean but she's just trying to play! We have been going to petsmart for class and really like it. We will probably do the more advanced class when this class is over!

Yesterday Pilot went to daycare and she LOVED it! They said she played really well and Austin said everyone knew who she was when her went to pick her up. I think we're really going to like this place because everyone is super sweet AND they send you pictures of your dog at the camp! I'm so glad we have this option because Pilot (of course) is packed with energy so on the days where we have stuff to do we can just drop her off and not have to worry about working her energy off ourselves!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a great weekend!

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