Thursday, January 11, 2018

How I Afford High End Makeup On a College Budget

So I'm sure after my posts in December some of you are wondering how I afford such expensive products. Makeup is pricey and it can cost a lot of money to move out drugstore products but I promise it's doable, even on a college budget.

1. I do not shop at Sephora. Shocking I know, but it's not what you think! I prefer Ulta over Sephora and that is because Ulta has SALES and Sephora does not (Ok, they have two a year but). It was funny to me because people were so excited about Sephora's 15% off recently but Ulta has given out multiple 20% off coupons just this past year! Not only does Ulta have sales, they have coupons. Every day I get an email from Ulta with a coupon included inside, every day! Also, I prefer Ulta's reward system. For each store (Ulta and Sephora) you earn points the same way but you redeem them differently. At Sephora you can use your points for a set reward that they have and at Ulta you use your points for $$$ off your purchases. After Christmas I had $30 dollars to spend at Ulta, that's literally one high end product for FREE!

2. I rarely buy items full priced. Similar to above I have a lot of my high end make-up from sales like Ulta's 21 Day's of Beauty.  Like right now Ulta has a skin care item on sale every day this week! I may pickup this benefit moisturizer, it's so good! I also shop at stores like TjMaxx for makeup. There is never a guarantee you will find anything good but sometimes you do! Like back in October they had Marc Jacobs foundation and the Kat Von D contour palette. Nordstrom Rack also has really good deals on high end makeup!

3. I research for dupes. Sometimes it is so fun to buy the actual product from the actual brand but sometimes you just need a dupe! I especially like to find dupes for items that are sort of a fad. (For example I really wanted pink lipstick one year but I did not want to spend money for a mac lipstick so I found one for $5 instead. Fun fact, that was one of my first blog posts. You can read it here)

4. Sometimes I just splurge. Sometimes there's a product that I really really want and just can't wait for a coupon or something so I just buy it anyways. You know what products you like and what products you're willing to splurge on so if you have the money, splurge! Growing up my mom always told me to be careful with what you put on your skin so I still am today. Sometimes you can find good items that are similar at an alternative price but sometimes, you just have to splurge!

In the widget below I'm sharing a few of my favorite high end makeup products that I am using or have used before!

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