Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Fall + Winter Makeup Routine

So, like I said yesterday this week is going to be a week of beauty on Main Street Chic! I may skip posting tomorrow (it is my last final and tbh, I haven't studied yet!!) but if I do there will be a post Friday-Sunday.

So one of my favorite bloggers is Emily Gemma, I seriously look up to her so much! A few weeks back I saw her post her makeup routine collage and I loved it so I wanted to recreate it but with my makeup routine!

1. I love this primer, it is really good. I do not love the fact that it has that silicone texture but it is really smoothing. Btw- in a few days Porefessional will be on sale at Ulta and I'm definitely buying it!

2. & 3. These two foundations are my absolute favorites together. I would use the elixir alone but it is just too dark for my skin. I use this powder to set my foundation and concealer.

4. This concealer is seriously the best. I love the big applicator and the coverage is perfect. I will probably never use another, it is the best! ( I use the lightest shade)

5. The palette is out for the holidays and it is one of my favorite palettes ever. I love the contour shades (so much that when they run out I will purchase a full size if they make it) and the eyeshadows are are so pigmented and perfect for anyone with green eyes, the colors really make green eyes pop! Ps- it is on sale right now!

6. Ok I know I keep saying everything is "the best" but that's because I really think so! This highlight is incredible! I kick myself that I did not include it in my Most Complimented post. Every time I wear it I get a compliment. It makes your skin so healthy looking and you can even build it up. I also love using this on my eyelid. I have this in Kitten and Transcendence and I've been using it for about a year.

7. If you have dry skin his setting spray makes wearing makeup bearable. I went through about 3 bottles and for the longest time I did not buy my 4th, I hated wearing my makeup. I finally decided to try this again and it was seriously a game changer.

8. I use this product but I'm going to be honest, I'm not really good at eyeshadow and I don't go all out so I can't really say whether this helps or not. (Ok, I feel like a bad blogger)

9. I almost always use this on my lid, I feel like it really makes my eyes pop. I use this shade on my lid and either a black or dark purple in my crease/outer corner and it looks great.(I use the shade midnight cowboy)

10. I started using this primer last week and it makes such a difference when I apply mascara. I have the worst lash length and it really helps get them to where I want them.

11. This mascara is the best I have ever used. Just go try it. And if better then sex by too faced is your favorite, this one is better!

I also wanted to share a tip with you guys. Like I said I hate my lashes so I curl them before applying anything and then after I apply everything to my lashes I curl them again. This really helps with length and keeping them curled throughout the day.

If you want to see my favorite lipsticks this time of year read this post.

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