Sunday, September 17, 2017

Life After the Storm

This past week has been absolutely crazy. Nothing has been normal about this past week.

Last Saturday I woke up early to go to work but it wasn't a normal Saturday for me. I was leaving work early for my great grandmother's funeral and also preparing for the storm that was suppose to hit the next day. It was strange, and the only way I can truly explain how weird it was is by saying on that Saturday I literally forgot about college football, and I DON'T forget about football.

This was the first hurricane that I remember going through. This was the first time I remember being scared and nervous about what was going to happen. The first time I remember seeing empty grocery stores and packed gas stations. Everyone was preparing for this force of nature that was basically coming to ruin us and we could do nothing about it. (BTW- do you know how strange it is to prepare for a hurricane when it is sunny and gorgeous outside??)

Sunday was a pretty normal day, besides everything being closed. Mcdonalds and Papa John's were the only two things open, oh and Chinese food places. The rest of the city was inside waiting for this storm to come. The weather was going down hill all day and when it finally came time to sleep I couldn't. The wind was SO loud and I was terrified a tornado was going to pop up somewhere. My friends and I couldn't sleep so we just sat and watched the storm.

Monday morning was strange too. We didn't know how bad the damage was and since we expected it not to be terrible we went out driving even though we had a "curfew" and were not suppose to be out driving. We soon realized why this was, tons of roads were closed off due to flooding. My friend couldn't even get to her house because of it. I honestly thought it was no big deal until we started seeing pictures. It was insane.

I kept wondering, like many people, why do these storms happen? Why does God let these storms "destroy" our lives? But after Irma I found my answer. These storms destroy things, important things, but things. This storm has brought people together, neighbors who don't talk were helping each other. This storm gave people a day to disconnect from the world and reconnect with their families/friends. And this storm gave people many days to show their faith. We learned in church today that sitting in a seat every Sunday isn't enough, but being active in your faith is.

Even though I can see the good in big, bad Irma I still see the worst. And I can't imagine this storm being any worse that it was.

Photo below is the small town that I live next to. This flooding didn't even compare to some of the homes that flooded here.

This is the post where this post was shot. I'll leave a photo for a before and after look.

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