Monday, September 25, 2017

Cute Embroidered Dress

This embroidered style of dress is one of my favorite right now!

Okay so I know that these photos are not the best. I'm not sure if it was the lighting or what but they look like they were taken on an iphone. Ugh. But I did still want to share this dress with you guys because it's so dang cute!

I love smock kind of style of this dress, I think it is the most flattering type of dress for petite figures like me! I got this dress from a boutique a year or two ago but I linked many similar below! 

So how are you guys doing? I'm so excited for this week because on Sunday I'm going to Disney with my bff AND it will be the first day of October. I love love the month of October and it's not just because my birthday is on the 13. I love October because I can watch Hocus Pocus all day, make pumpkin everything, and the weather finally starts to cool down. (maybe) But I really love October because I'm so festive. I love halloween but it also means were closer to Christmas. As much as I will NEVER want to rush through October I am very excited for Christmas!

So I did want to give a big thank you to everyone who read my last post. It was kind of nerve wracking post because it is very different from my normal posts but the risk paid off! I'm so glad you guys liked it, it was very fun to write!

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