Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cute Online Boutique

I love big name stores like Nordstrom and H&M but sometimes I find my cutest pieces of clothing at online boutiques! For example if I ever need a dress for an event a boutique is the first place I look. The thing I love most about boutiques is they usually have a smaller inventory so there isn't so much to search through; shopping at Nordstrom can sometimes be so overwhelming! Below I'll link some of my favorite boutiques, they are starting to release Fall items and I am so excited!!!

Go check out their fall preview, omg! I am loving everything!

This boutique is less my style but I still always find cute pieces of clothing! This boutique is perfect to find a dress for a formal event. The blouse I'm wearing below I purchased from LuLu's at the start of Summer.

I've been shopping here for years! They always have cute items and I love to shop at their sister store, Marley Lilly.

A boutique owned by my two favorite Youtubers!

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