Monday, August 28, 2017

Game Day Look

One of my favorite memories from being younger is spending Fall Saturdays with my Dad, house windows open letting the cool fall breeze that Florida sometimes blesses us with in, and college football on TV all day long. I love it and just thinkink about it makes me giddy! I'm so happy that college football has started back up and Alabama plays Saturday!

Being at home watching football is fun but going to a college football game is SO much fun! The first time I went to an Alabama game (that I remember) I was shocked because in the South football is an event and the girls (and guys) dress up! Which I can totally get behind.

So when planning fall outfits I always thing about cute outfits that would work for gameday. This outfit is obviously meant for a Bama game but to wear something similar to your team's game just change the color scheme! 

The trick is to look cute but feel comfortable. Jeans and leggings are always my go to, especially as the weather cools down, and I always wear either flats or boots (sometimes with a little heel, that doesn't bother me.)

Let me know in the comments if you're excited for football season or dreading it! (because your bf/husband won't leave the TV for the next 13 weeks) Also, what's football without snacks?? Let me know your favorites below as well! My go-tos are Diet Dr Pepper and rotel dip!

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