Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Best Sale of the Year! $$$ off of Designer Brands

Today was the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale aka the biggest fashion sale of the year. Every blogger is talking about it so I wasn't sure if I wanted to post about it but I decided to share my picks with you guys because many of my family/friends don't even know that this sale exists.

The Nsale is a great opportunity to stock up on staple items or score an expensive item that you have had your eye on for a while. A lot of the items are geared toward Fall but many of the items you can start wearing right away! 

For Nordstrom card holders the sale started today and for everyone else it starts next Friday, BUT you can still see all the items that are on sale. During the sale items tend to sell out fast so if you really want to score some of the deals it's best to have a game plan and know what you want to order. 

Below are a lot of the more affordable items from the sale. If you guys would like to see some of the Designer deals I'll be happy to share those too! Beauty, home, and kid items are also on sale!

Items will sell out fast and last year I had to stalk a couple of the items I wanted so I could get them when they were restocked so below with the link to each item I'll tell you guys if it will go fast! 


This item will definitely go but if you see it sold out I wouldn't lose all hope. Popular items like this are usually restocked! 

This item is going so fast! I'm not surprise since it is only $12!!!

This shirt will go fast because it is an essential that is only $18! It will more than likely be restocked throughout the sale.

So cute and a good investment piece. Last year I didn't have my eye on a piece like this so I'm not sure about restocks.

Another item that will sell fast but should be restocked throughout the sale.

These jeans are completely in trend and have already sold out in some sizes. Even mine. Praying for a restock!!!

I love this because it's so different from the classic leopard scarf above. I'm praying it doesn't sell out before I get my hands on it!

A simple sweater with a few extra details. This is one of the more pricey items that I picked. 

This dress is already selling out. It will be restocked but the restocks will go FAST!

Another closet staple that will go fast but should be restocked.

These jeans are only $38 you can bet they will sell out and any restocks will go fast!

Last year I didn't even look at purses and only looked at one pair of shoes! I'm sure if they sellout they will be restocked so keep checking!

The Nsale gets me so excited for Fall and Fall is where I thrive when it comes to fashion! I can't wait to get some of these items and share outfits with y'all!

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