Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Every Day Makeup Routine

I've been wanting to do a post about my makeup routine for a while now and I'm so glad I finally got around to it! I'm going to walk you through the steps I take and review some of the products for you! All of the products I use will be linked throughout the post and at the end. 

But first music, always start with music!

So first I start with this Maybelline primer. It's ok but I don't love it, mostly because it is not what I expected. I read it was a dupe for Benefit's porefessional primer and it is far from it! The maybelline works well but is more like the Smashbox primer. 

I go back and forth with foundations but right now I am loving CoverGirl Elixir. It is so full coverage but light weight and it smells so good! Unfortunately the lightest shade is still too dark for me but I use my concealer in a much lighter shade so it helps to even it out. 

I love love Tarte's shape tape concealer. I use a good amount under my eyes to make them brighter and to help with the foundation being a little too dark.

Once I have my base I set it with this powder, I love it!!! I then go in to "contour" and add blush and highlight. I love Hoola to add definition to my cheeks. I use the brush that come with Hoola to apply it and the brush pictured below to blend it out. 

I love this blush palette below from Makeup Revolution. I have been using the peach color lately. This palette was $10 and is worth every penny. The highlight below is Stila Heavens Hue in Kitten. It is the best I have ever used. It is always still on my face by the end of the day.

Next I do eyebrows with these two products here and here, both affordable and work very well. I also added some eye shadow. For this look I used Limelight shadow. For my everyday look I just use a cream colored shadow on the lid and a brown for the crease.

Below you can see my eyeshadow and the difference the two products makes in my brows.

Below is my favorite mascara combo right now. I use the white end of Double Extend as a primer then go in with the Carbon Black. The red and white tube is a good mascara on its own but I am not a fan of the other when I use it alone. This is my all time favorite mascara. 

These are just a couple brushes I use. The fluffy white for powder, fluffy black for blush, and the pink for eyeshadow.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! What are some of your favorite makeup products? I love trying new things so let me know!

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