Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April Favorites

Happy May! I am SO excited for this month but before we get into it I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the month of April. So if you remember during April I started a new series of testing out products you can read about the products I chose here.

Ok this stuff is amazing. Seriously, I love it. My lashes look SO much better and healthier! I started noticing a difference about a week and a half after I started using it. I use it day and night and I'm obsessed. I highly recommend!

These shoes are so cute and SO comfy. I originally bought them in black and after wearing them around Hollywood studios all day and being shocked by how comfortable they were I bought them in the blush. This is the perfect spring/summer shoe.

This. Highlight. You need this in your life if you want to have glowing skin. I have two color, kitten and transcendence. Kitten is a more neutral glow and transcendence is more pink, perfect for fair skin. The formula of this is so different than any other highlight and I will admit, it doesn't swatch well. But girl, when you put it on your face with a brush or a sponge, the game is changed. My favorite way to apply it is with a sponge.

I discovered this foundation kind of by accident. I had self tanner on and my foundation color wasn't matching, then I remembered I had a sample of these drops. I mixed them in with my foundation and didn't think much. Then, I saw myself in the sunlight. My makeup looked flawless. I was shocked. I wore it to work and got compliments all. day. long. The guys I work with even told me my foundation looked good! I literally went to Sephora the next day to buy it. I love to mix this with my foundation to get added coverage but you can also mix it with any moisturizer! I am completely obsessed.

Okay so in this post from April there were two more products that I tried. You can read about the shampoo here and the foundation below.

This No7 foundation was a total miss for me. The finish is very pretty but it does not set and rubs off everywhere. I was super disappointed because this was pretty expensive for a drug store foundation. I tried EVERYTHING in the book and this product just didn't work.

Check back tomorrow to see the products I'll be trying out during the month of May!

We are 15 days out from our next Disney trip and this one will be a nice long weekend getaway! I am so excited!

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