Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Makeup with LimeLight + GIVEAWAY

Hello guys and happy Tuesday! Today I'm sharing some new makeup by limelight that I tried out over the weekend. I will start by saying that MLMS are definitely not my thing (that's a whole other completely opinionated post) and I promise this is the only one you will hear about here, BUT... this makeup is pretty good!

Okay so I used the foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, setting and priming spray, setting powder, and lip gloss. I will walk you through my opinions of each, if you are only here for one review you can just find the paragraph with that!

Foundation- Olive 1
I thought the foundation looked really good! It is very different from your typical foundation so I'm not too sure if I used a little or a lot of it butttt I'm leaning towards the "I used a little" side. I would say the coverage is light to medium but build-able. This is really hard for me because I am very blessed with good skin but the foundation did cover my face well enough that it matched my neck. (I had on self tanner) On Saturday we were out and about from like 12a-12p and my makeup still looked very good at the end of the night. I love the finish too, not matte and not dewey

I liked the concealer too! I'm not a fan of my under eyes (they crease easily and are dark) so concealer is really important to me. I used the lightest shade because I'm a fan of the highlighted under eyes look and it looked really great with the foundation. Creasing was not a problem with this concealer.

The blush is very pigmented and looks great on the skin!

Eye Shadow
The eye shadow was very pigmented and blended out easily. There was some fallout but that is easy to look past when you are still getting a very pigmented shadow.

Setting and Priming Spray
The priming spray is essential because I'm not sure what other primer you could use with the foundation. I didn't try it without so I can't say if it made a difference. Both of the sprays had a nice fine mist. (If you have tried a spray with a not so fine mist, you would understand why this is important)

Setting Powder
A typical setting powder, it is compact but I think you could bake with this, I will have to try!

Lip Gloss-Peace
This lip gloss smells so good and the package is adorable! It is very pigmented and not too sticky, I enjoyed it!

Overall my experience with LimeLight was very good! I got to try the products for free but I will be purchasing the foundation and concealer right off the bat. The true test will come when I use it during one of our Disney weekends! If you're interested in these products you can check them out here: LimeLight 

So yesterday I promised a giveaway in order to say thank you to you guys so here it is! Just follow the steps and you will be entered to win a LimeLight lip product of your choice. (If lips aren't your thing, we can do eyeshadow instead!) You can enter below! The giveaway ends Sunday! 

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