Thursday, April 27, 2017

How To Get Long Healthy Hair

I was looking at my blog photos from a couple of months ago and I couldn't help but notice how long my hair has gotten. Let's be real, I in no way have long hair but compared to where my hair was this time last year, even two months ago, it has grown SO much. The first 2 photos are from February 22 and the last two are from last weekend. If you don't see a difference please tell me I'm crazy!

So there are a couple of things I have been doing to get my hair to grow.

Take biotin everyday
I've been taking 10,000 mcg of biotin daily, most biotin supplements contain around 2,000 mcg. I have about one week left of my biotin supplements and I had a 2 month supply. The brand I have been using is Spring Valley (got it at Walmart). When I finish this bottle I'll be using Nature's Bounty because I don't want to keep taking such a high amount.

No heat styling
I am not super strict about this now but when I first started really trying to grow my hair I went weeks without heat styling. Now I sparingly heat style and when I do, whether I straighten or curl my hair, I always use products/ techniques to make sure the style lasts so I do not have to go back with heat to touch up. I use a heat protectant/styling spray when my hair is damp. I use this to make my hair less frizzy and to make it look shiny, it also helps hold the style. After I am done heat styling my hair I always blast it with cool air.

My hair stays braided
If I have to put my hair up, which I do a lot, I always braid it. Braiding your hair is so much less damaging than putting it up in a bun or tight pony. If you do have to put your hair up I recommend using these.

Shampoo matters
I cannot say if this shampoo has helped my hair grow but it has given me healthier hair, more specifically a healthier scalp. Function of Beauty is a website where you can create your own shampoo. You name your shampoo, pick the color, the scent, and most importantly what you want your shampoo to do for your hair. I used this shampoo two times and my dandruff was almost completely gone. If you get it, make sure you follow the instructions for use. (AKA, seriously rinse and repeat using this shampoo) Considering that they make your shampoo from scratch, they get it to you SO fast. I received mine in like a week and a half! This would also make a great gift for Mother's Day. If you buy here you and I will receive a $5 credit! 

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