Monday, March 27, 2017

A Magical Surprise

This weekend Austin and I finally had a Saturday off together so we went down to Disney! When we we're in Epcot I kept reminding Austin that we had to go get macarons from France so I could bring them home for me and my mom to try, we stood in line to buy them and I couldn't wait to get home to try so I took a bite out of one, OMG it was so good! I'm not even a big fan of them but it was heavenly, I was so excited for my mom to try them because she loves macarons! Just look how pretty!

So, we finally get home and I'm gathering all my stuff from Austin's car, I start walking to the door then realize I forgot the macarons. I go to the front seat, not there, so I checked the back, still not there. What happened to these macarons that we didn't even get to eat? AUSTIN  THREW THEM AWAY AT A GAS STATION ON OUR WAY HOME! I was so upset because I was thinking about these things all. day. But that's okay we can go get them again sometime soon because... 

We're officially Annual Passholders!!!

Yep, we made the splurge and will be seeing a lot more of Disney soon! This year has been declared our "Year of Disney" and I'm so excited for all of the memories we're going to make!

I'll be sharing all of our Disney adventures over here and the name of this blog is just perfect, with Main Street USA being in the Magic Kingdom! 

We're back to the grind this Monday with work and school in full effect. The good news is only 4 weeks left of school until summer! Have a great week!

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