Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Favorites

Happy Wednesday! I mentioned previously about wrapping up my monthly favorites every month, I think it will be really fun and help some people discover a few new things!

Watch // Palette // Shoes

This Kate Spade watch has been SO much fun to have!! It's super stylish but hidden in this little gem is a smart watch! This watch tracks your steps, vibrates when someone texts/calls, vibrates when it's time to wake up, and SO much more! I really love it because its not as ugly as a Fitbit and not as bulky and techie as an Apple Watch. I'm scared to wear it to work because I feel like I'm going to shatter it, but working out it feels safe and isn't uncomfortable at all!

I got my Naked 3 palette for Christmas and I am in love! If you like full glam eyeshadow and tons of glitter this is not the palette for you, but if you like a more neutral everyday look, this is perfect! The black shade is my favorite, it has red glitter in it!

I think I've talked about my Nikes before (Once again another Christmas gift) but I absolutely love them! I have a green pair (I can't really find them online) and I wear them at least 3x a week. I have my eyes on these in white.

My next favorite product is a little pricey. This is a cleansing sponge from a company called Foreo. I got it with a gift set for Christmas and at first I could not believe that this little piece of basically silicone was 100-300 dollars, BUT it turns on! This product is INCREDIBLE. After using it for 3 days straight my skin has never looked so better. If you have troublesome skin I would highly recommend looking into this product. They have different types for different skin and the best part? NO replacement heads, it's a one time expense.

This mascara is insanely good. I had given up on high end mascaras but decided to give this one a shot, I'll never look back. It makes my lashes look SO good. Ps- it's SUPER waterproof.

Those are my favorite products that I've been using this month! Let me know if you love any of these too or if you plan on trying any of them!

Happy February!

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