Thursday, February 23, 2017

$660 shoes for $60?!?

I'm so excited for spring and summer so I decided to put together some of the must have fashion items for this spring!

Cold shoulder tops/dresses and Off the shoulder tops/dresses are two of the biggest trends for spring and summer. They're are so many cute options I've been seeing and I can't wait to start wearing mine!

Strappy basic tees are the easiest way to take a simple outfit and make it stand out. Just throw one on with jeans or shorts and your favorite shoes and you're set!

Espadrille wedges the shoes pictured are $60 from DSW and are complete look-a-likes for this $600 pair! These wedges are perfect to pair with dresses for spring/summer! If you make any purchase for your closet this spring you should buy these!

Staw tote bags are perfect for any vacations you have coming up because they're stylish but very practical. Don't forget the pom pom charms, they're any easy way to add color to your typical straw tote!

Statement earrings are once again a way to take any ordinary outfit to the next level. These earrings from target are adorable and less than $15!

Most of the items I linked are under $30 dollars which isn't too bad of a price but when you're looking to add items to your closet don't forget to check out stores like Ross and T.J.Maxx, they have so many items that are on trend for half the price of major stores!

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