Monday, December 12, 2016

What To Do In Disney Springs

Happy Monday! Last night we got back from our Disney trip and thank goodness I didn't have to work this morning because I am exhausted! We had so much fun this weekend and I wanted to share with you guys everything we did, where we ate, all that fun stuff!!!

Where we ate in Disney Springs:
On our first day we got to Orlando with a little time to spare before we could go to Magic Kingdom for the Christmas Party so we decided to grab a quick lunch in Disney Springs and that lead us to the food trucks. I forget which trucks we ate out of but I got steak tacos and Austin got a ham and cheese sandwich, both were delish! 

On our last day we went to Rainforest Cafe. (After we traveled all around Disney to get to Kona for breakfast and then missed it anyways) I wasn't expecting the food to be too good, we really just went because the atmosphere is cool but everything we got turned out to be delicious.

For dessert we went to Sprinkles and LOVED it! They had the cupcake ATM and the actual store front and it was all so cool and amazing. The cupcakes are definitely expensive but definitely worth it. I highly recommend the Gingerbread cupcake. 

Where we shopped/played:
Downtown Disney  Disney Springs has changed SO much. There are so many more shops, so many more pathways, its crazy! We didn't have much time in Disney Springs because we saved it for our last day and had to head home, but we did have to stop at a few stores. 

My favorite part was probably the coke store. It is new and has 3 floors, the third being a rooftop beverage bar. We shopped around and went to the top and got the international tray of beverages to sample. It was so much fun and less than 10 dollars which wasn't too bad because the sample was a pretty decent size. I would really recommend this the next time you go.

Earlier in our trip Austin and I decided that this was something we wanted to do every year so when we walked into the Christmas store I knew we had to pick up an ornament every year we came to Disney so we picked out our first one and can't wait to get one next year!

No trip would be complete without a trip to mine and Kaetlynd's favorite store, Basin. If you haven't been be sure to stop in and use their hand scrub, so good!!!

Disney Springs is always a good time and I wish we had more time there but it was still tons of fun!!! Stay tuned for our Magic Kingdom and Epcot experience coming next! 

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