Monday, April 18, 2016

Sweet Sunday

When your week is full of school and work Monday-Saturdays, Sundays are the days where you jam pack everything fun in one day! And this past Sunday me, Austin, and a couple friends from work did just that!

After we got our typical breakfast and coffee we went to church at Eleven 22! We had a guest speaker and he turned out to be great! We talked about children and how they tend to be overlooked in our world!

After service we went to lunch and then velocity air sports which is a big in-door trampoline park. You get to jump for an hour which was more than enough time because 30 minutes into jumping we were all pretty much exhausted. It was super fun but my body is aching this morning!! We sadly didn't get any group pics from velocity, but I did get one of me and Austin at lunch.

I enjoyed this day and the time with friends so much! I'll forever be grateful for the coworkers that turned into friends and the time we spend creating memories together! 

Ps- I was never taught how to properly type so Im trying to teach myself which means this post, which probably isn't 200 words, took 26+ minutes to write.

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  1. I'm sad that you never learned to type! I hate this damn test and what it has done to education! But that lipstick, though!!!!!!