Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Makeup Dupes

Since we're transitioning into summer we tend to want to add makeup to our collection. Here are a couple dupes for popular makeup products right now so when you take your next trip to the makeup counter you won't spend big bucks for products you can find at the drugstore.

Beauty Blender (Sephora $20) vs. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (Walgreens $5.99)

The only real difference in these two are the shapes. I reach for the RT sponge obviously because of the price, but also because cleaning a Beauty Blender ain't easy, so I feel less guilty when I just throw the sponge away after a couple months and buy a whole new one. Total savings: 14.01

Laura Mercier Setting Powder (Nordtrom $38, but on sale for 34!) vs. Maybelline FaceStudio Master Fix ( 7.99)

If a setting powder is not currently part of your makeup routine you must add it! It does wonders for keeping your foundation and concealer in place, especially during humid summer months. This Maybelline powder is almost an identical dupe and does it's job well. Total savings: 30.01
(Tip: If you are doing your makeup for something where you know you will be photographed with a flash stay far away from white setting powders. They flash back and will make you look like a ghost. Try to find a yellow tone powder. Unfortunately, these are very hard to find at the drugstore.)

Urban Decay Naked (Nordstrom $54, top photo) vs. CoverGril Nudes ( $12.99, bottom photo)

I was extremely impressed with this covergirl eyeshadow palette! The colors were pigmented, easy to blend, and lasted all day (with an eye primer of course). I have only used the Naked on the Run palette so I could only compare those colors but I would definitely buy this drugstore palette over the Naked palettes. Total savings: 41.01

MAC Candy Yum Yum (Nordstrom $17) vs. Milani 63 Matte Diva (Walgreens 5.99)

This is the dupe I am most excited for. When I wanted to add a bright pink to my collection I immediately thought Candy Yum Yum, but then my bank account brought me down to Earth. So I got to searching and found this PERFECT dupe. For 5.99 I am beyond impressed. This lipstick was pigmented, set beautifully and matte, wasn't drying, and lasted for HOURS (even after eating a sandwich). If this post makes you buy anything let it be this. Total Savings: 11.01

Using all these drugstore products brings you to a total saving of $96.04

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