I'm Opening A Boutique!

Here is the short story:

Austin and I are currently in the process of opening up an online clothing boutique called Rae Rae's Boutique! We are so excited and cannot wait for you guys to shop our store in August 2018! For friends and family we will be having a launch party in July and cannot wait for you guys to party and shop with us! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, they are both linked below! Long story is below!

Okay, because I am a blogger here's the long story:

A few months ago I got this idea of starting a boutique. I have always been interested in having my own business but every time the thought came into my mind I just brushed it off; thinking this wasn't the right time. For whatever reason this time something in my head clicked. After a few days of not getting it out of my mind I was like wait a second, why not right now. Like before I was trying to talk myself out of it. Once I realized I was the only person talking myself out of this idea, I told Austin and we haven't looked back!

We have thankfully had help from so many people in our lives during this process. From the logo design to the not-so-fun legal stuff! Luckily there have been very few bumps in the road so we have been able to move through the process of opening fast! We are set to have the website officially launch in August and a launch party with friends and family on July 21st! We have a LONG list of our invites, so if we missed you for whatever reason let us know! We will add you to the event page so you can get the details, just email me! raeraesbtq@gmail.com 

Our boutique is Rae Rae's Boutique and will be online but we will be doing popup shops at events around the Jacksonville area! I am so excited for you guys to see our launch, we have worked so hard! All items are hand selected by me with influence from the women (and men) in my life! Our goal is to be affordable but to have great quality clothes and I think you will see we have met that goal! Just a week ago we we're in Atlanta meeting with vendors so we could see the quality of their clothing!

Below I will link all the ways you can follow us to stay up-to-date on all boutique information! It would mean so much to me if you would follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Maybe even share our page with your friends!

Here you can enter your email address to get an update on the day we open!

Here we will be posting try-on sessions, new arrivals, and even photos of customers in our clothes! We will also update you on sales, pop-up shops, etc! Plus, when you buy clothing from us and tag us in your picture of you wearing it we will send you a discount code! Oh and did I mention all of our pictures will be shopable?! 

Facebook goes along with Instagram but don't worry, you won't be annoyed with posts if you follow both! We also may use Facebook Live to show off new arrivals from time to time! 

Thank you guys SO much for all of your support from my blog to my new boutique you guys have been there every step of the way! I can't wait for you guys to see our store in August! 

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