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What To Buy A Homebody!

I am SO excited about this gift guide. This gift guide is me, in a gift guide. lol! I love being at home and I only really go out to make Austin happy. (Just kidding, sometimes I get bored at home) Everything on here I would love to get and I feel like any homebody you know would love them too!

I wanted everything to be super cozy and warm for this gift guide because that is what I long for when I'm on the couch watching a movie! I also love to spend my time on the couch with coffee or wine so I had to include those! The Yeti mug is the best gift idea for a coffee lover and those slippers are so cozy and warm! (Yes, I bought them for myself)

Also, Bath and Body Works has there candles for $8.95 this Saturday only!!! Talk about the perfect gift for a homebody!

There are also a few other items in the widget below!

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Gifts for Your Guy!

Shopping for guys can be SO hard! I still have no idea what all I'm getting for Austin even after finding everything for this gift guide! I feel like there is something for every guy here from sporty to techy and something to at least give you a start on ideas! 

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Makeup Gift Ideas

I love Christmas time because all of the best makeup gift sets come out! Most of the year I strictly shop at Ulta because they have the best deals but at Christmas Sephora has the best git sets. There is something for everyone whether they love skincare or makeup. 

Gifts for Someone Who Travels

Everyday this week I will be sharing a new gift guide with you guys! I love creating these because they give me ideas of what I want for Christmas and what I want to buy other people!

My first gift guide is for the traveler in your life! This one hit home because I am going to Austria in less than 4 months! Everything is so cute and not too bad of a price! The neck pillow is a little out there but it just looked so cozy I had to include it! It's and item that is great for a gift because few people will splurge on an item like a neck pillow even if they will use it!

If you want to shop these items you can use the links under the pictures or shop the widget below! Tomorrow I'm doing a gift guide on my another favorite topic of mine! See you then!