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What I've Learned During the Q

As I start my new position tomorrow, I wanted to reflect back on these past weeks. As I start making my way back to a "normal" routine, I've learned a few things during this quarantine that I will take with me.

Work Wear Revamp

Anyone else in need of a work wear revamp?! One thing I took for granted before this quarantine was creating fun outfits and just dressing up in general. I started watching Younger and was getting SO jealous of all of their cute outfits and that they had reasons to dress up. So, once I had a set date to return to work, I knew my closet needed a work wear revamp.

How To Not Go Crazy While Job Hunting

In 100% honesty, job hunting is no fun. Seriously, job hunting is a full time job in and of itself. But, it comes with the territory and it is something I know I'll make it through. When I'm looking for jobs and feeling frustrated I just try to remember that this is just a season, and in time, I'll find a job.

The Best Way To Pack

I love packing. I also love to pack efficiently, it can get out of hand really fast! I typically start packing about a week out from any trip. Forever I have wanted to do a post about packing so I decided why not now! So, I am going to walk you through process of how I pack for a trip. It is not long and if you love creating outfits, it is actually really fun! I seriously think I have the best way to pack!