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A Guide To Basics: What Are They and Where To Buy

During fall/winter I really love basic pieces! I love having a simple outfit and wearing a fun scarf or necklace. Since many people find basic closet staples boring I wanted to do a post on how to style them!

First lets start with what a basic is...

A basic is a timeless piece that you will be able to wear time and time again. Think jeans, plain tees, those are all basics. Basics are essential because you can dress them up, dress them down, and wear them in SO many different ways. You shouldn't look at any piece of clothing and think "that's boring", you should think what can I do to make this pop! For many people that is hard. Whether they aren't creative or are always in a rush, its hard for people to see a basic white tee as an essential to their closet.

This leads to the reason I have my blog and my boutique. My blog is full of posts showing you how I style items. And if you look at the social media for my boutique, it is all about how to style the pieces we sell. My goal with both my blog and my boutique is to help others become creative when it comes to fashion!

What are some basics I should have?

For this one I'll share with you some of the basic pieces I always have in my closet.

White pants/jeans
Black jeans
Multiple color T-shirts
A cardigan

I have many others but when I first think of basics those are what come to my mind first.

Where can I buy basic pieces for my closet?

Good question. This is up to you but I think when you buy basic pieces it is important to put money in to them. Think about it. This is an item that you are going to be wearing pretty much all year long, don't you want it to last? That doesn't mean you have to go crazy and buy a $60 white tee from Nordstrom but maybe you should skip the cheap $5 tee from Walmart (maybe even target).

My favorite places to buy basics

Old Navy: Old Navy has some pretty great closet staples, I love buying my tees from there. When shopping here I recommend buying from their "luxe" line. These pieces have higher quality and not too bad of a price. Pieces are around $20 but Old Navy is ALWAYS running a sale.

Target: Ehhh this one is wishy washy. Target usually has good quality but the clothes might not last as long. This one will be your call!

Department Stores: These stores always have a good section of basics and usually you can find a sale.

Okay, I have my basics now how do I style them?

There are too many ways to style pieces and theres not way I can go over them! But, that is why I have this blog and why other people do too! Search hashtags on Instagram like #howtostyle #ootd #blacktee to find inspiration. Find some influencers you like and when you don't know how to style something go look through their feed or blog to find ideas.

I love basic pieces because you can style them so many different ways and it is a whole new outfit every time. Don't get me wrong I love a good patterned dress or embroidered top but sometimes I feel like it's only good for one outfit!

I'm sharing some previous pictures of how I styled basics and some new basic items I picked up for fall!

Black t-shirt dress with green jacket 

Simple white tee and jeans with a pop of color in the bag

Jeans and a black tank. Spiced up with the scarf and bag!

You can't really see but with this scarf I'm wearing a black tee!

Some Recent Items I've Picked Up

Make-Up I am Currently Loving + Life Update

As I am sure many of you have noticed it has been a long time since I have blogged. I could use the excuse that I have been to busy, but in all honestly I just haven't felt like it. Blogging for so long was so fun for me but sometimes it felt like a chore so I just stepped away. I started developing my boutique and my personal brand and started focusing less on promoting other brands that I love. My personal brand needed (and still needs) my attention but today I felt like posting on my blog! So, here we go with some beauty favorites!

Style Tips: Little Embroidered Dress

Happy Tuesday! If you are new around here and don't know I am the owner of Rae Rae's Boutique. As part of our boutique we want to have this blog for our customers to go to so they can get ideas on how to style their new items. Even the total fashion lover can get stuck in a rut when it comes to styling outfits so we are here to help!

For the first Rae Rae's Boutique blog post we are styling our LED or, Little Embroidered Dress. I named this item with little black dress in mind because this dress is that and so much more. This dress can be worn by itself or styled with jewelry, it depends on how much effort you want to put in!

In the photos below we paired this dress with espadrille wedges, which are a summer staple, and a few gold bracelets. This outfit is just dressed up enough to wear to work but can also be worn to grab coffee or for a lunch date!

I'm Opening A Boutique!

Here is the short story:

Austin and I are currently in the process of opening up an online clothing boutique called Rae Rae's Boutique! We are so excited and cannot wait for you guys to shop our store in August 2018! For friends and family we will be having a launch party in July and cannot wait for you guys to party and shop with us! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, they are both linked below! Long story is below!