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How To Not Go Crazy While Job Hunting

In 100% honesty, job hunting is no fun. Seriously, job hunting is a full time job in and of itself. But, it comes with the territory and it is something I know I'll make it through. When I'm looking for jobs and feeling frustrated I just try to remember that this is just a season, and in time, I'll find a job.

The Best Way To Pack

I love packing. I also love to pack efficiently, it can get out of hand really fast! I typically start packing about a week out from any trip. Forever I have wanted to do a post about packing so I decided why not now! So, I am going to walk you through process of how I pack for a trip. It is not long and if you love creating outfits, it is actually really fun! I seriously think I have the best way to pack!

Austria Part II and 24 Hours in Munich

Here we are day three in Vienna. I started this morning by walking to the closest Starbucks with my friend. It was in a mall and across from the Starbucks was a Dunkin'. These were the only two US chains I tried while we were over there. Both tasted very similar to products here.

After coffee and breakfast we headed to the Schonbrunn Palace. This served as the Haspburg's summer palace. The palace is still in Vienna but back in the day (way back in the day) I guess it probably took a long time to get there. We toured the grounds and the inside. It was STUNNING. You could spend a whole day, if not two here. I wish we had more time so I could've soaked up everything this palace had to offer. I am still amazed that I got to see this piece of history in person. Fun fact: some people live in this palace, and no you don't have to be royal or rich. This palace is so big that some of the "houses" are now used as apartments. Our tour guide said that rent isn't terribly expensive but the waitlist is miles long. The palace also has a zoo on the grounds. If I could go back I would be going here! Our professor said after coming to Vienna for 15+ years it is still one of his favorite things to do.

Austria Part I: Vienna

In Austria we spent most of our time in Vienna. For one day we did visit Salzburg. We'll start with Vienna.

We drove from Prague to Vienna in a bus and I honestly was really excited about this drive! I slept some and then got to look out at the Austrian Countryside. The highlight was stopping at a gas station! (lol!) I love gas stations anyways but it was so cool to go into one and see all of the products they have! My favorite pick was these little cold Starbucks coffees that came with straws.

We then got into Vienna, settled into our hotel, and then hoped on the subway and off to Stephansplatz! The way that we came up from the Subway was absolutely incredible and something I will never forget. There is a video clip below; I am a little scared of escalators so it kind of cuts off at the end.